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    Whether you are implementing a new automation process, expanding an existing process, or replacing an existing robot, ICR can offer a solution. Purchasing your used robots from ICr can produce savings of 50% or more. Our large robot inventory can accommodate many different applications.


    ICR understands that different companies have different budgets but not necessarily different expectations from their used robots purchase. We take great care in purchasing used robots that are in good working order. This allows us to offer some of our used robots in an "as is" condition to those on a tighter budget, as opposed to "reconditioned".
    As-Is: ICR thoroughly inspects the robot, controller, cables, connectors and boards for any damage and completeness. Used robots sold in "As-is" condition are typically sold without a warranty.

    Reconditioned: The robot arm, controller, cables, connectors and boards are thoroughly inspected for damage and completeness. The robot and controller are cleaned and all grease and oil are purged and inspected for signs of internal wear or damage. OEM recommended lubricants are then added and old customer wiring is removed. The robot's batteries and filter are replaced and the robot is run under a load for a minimum of 4 hours.

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